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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Governor Snyder last hope for regional transit?

Interesting piece in today's Free Press about the struggle to achieve (or re-achieve, as it were) a coordinated regional mass transit system:

I knew Detroit had a trains in the 1950s before our system was dismantled. I didn't realize the system connected Detroit with so many other cities.

"We had a very good transit system until then," said John Hertel, general manager of the Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART), which runs the suburban bus system. "We had a trolley system that went from Detroit to Port Huron, Flint, Ann Arbor and Toledo. And it was all gone by 1956."

Who knew?

I also didn't realize our trolley's went to Mexico City, where they are still in use.

"It's a crucial piece of the public transportation pie for metro Detroit, which has struggled to stitch together a cohesive transit system since 1956, when the last of Detroit's streetcars were decommissioned and sold to Mexico City, where they still are in use today."

Anyways, it seems like everyone is on board this time except the state House. Time to call your Representative and get them to play ball and pass the necessary bills. Federal support is available to help, so now is the time to for action on this.

I guess I wasn't following this issue too closely a decade ago, but apparently Governor Engler vetoed our last chance in 2002. Hopefully Governor Snyder takes this issue across the finish line. Too much is at stake. 

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