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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rationale for Detroit 2024 Olympics

We still have a lot of work to do to fix Detroit in the coming decade, but there are many reasons the City, the US, and the IOC should consider having the 2024 Olympics in Detroit.

Why the Olympics?
  • Acceleration of necessary investments
  • Alignment of local and regional stakeholders
  • Fundamental re-branding and re-positioning of City in global perception (i.e., from failure to success once again)
Why 2024?
  • Likely return of Olympics to US
  • ~10-yr goal providing the impetus and timeline for Detroit to make necessary improvements local finances, governance, infrastructure, etc.
  • Sufficient lead time for Detroit's nascent recovery to take root and would mark a significant milestone or crowning achievement in the recovery
Why Detroit as US Olympic candidate city?
  • Most compelling potential legacy story
  • Very high global name recognition
  • Least disruption/ displacement
  • Highest potential infrastructure legacy (i.e., public transit)
  • Cost/investment sharing and other collaborative opportunities with Canada
Why Detroit as Olympics host city? 
  • Triumphant return to the US with great story and potential legacy after decades long absence
  • Strong local Olympic tradition, pool of Olympians and support base for participants
  • Corporate sponsorship by some of the largest US companies and spenders on advertising
  • Potential for sport to literally bring people of different nations together through joint events with Windsor

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