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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

State funds to demolish abandoned Detroit homes

Earlier this month, I read in the Free Press about Governor Snyder's plans to tap a settlement fund to pay to pull down some abandoned homes around the City (in SW Detroit, Morningside, and Bagley). I hope the program goes well, although judging from my experiences trying to tap a program to pull down blighted buildings in a neighboring City, it isn't necessarily a straightforward process and could take a while.

More details about the Governor's plans are in this piece:

The Mayor of course had an initiative when he started up and has pulled down several thousand homes. Several governors in the past have also initiated similar programs. A Morningside resident makes a good point though - "What are we going to do with the vacant lots? How does demolishing houses make the neighborhood safer if the city's not going to clean up the land?" I'm planning on turning my vacant lot into a park, but large stretches of wilderness aren't great for the City either (albeit, better than havens for gangsters and drug dealers).