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Friday, December 31, 2010

Census Results: Lost Decade, Lost Population

It is no surprise that Michigan lagged the nation in population growth, though it is somewhat disappointing that we actually SHRANK in total population. Indeed, Michigan was the only state to lose population since 2000.

The growing Michiganian diaspora and loss of talent is troubling. Some say we can try to tap ex-Michiganians, but unlike so many countries losing their best to America, our state receives no remittances from former residents. Maybe we can do more to attract investment from non-resident Michiganians, like India courts NRIs, but that would requrie a lot of effort from the public sector.

Given its population loss, Michigan is also losing a Congressional Seat. This is no surprise, but given the Republican domination of all branches of government, the gerrymandering will not be pretty. While it is refreshing to see the Republicans shower our state with many powerful chairmanships, it is likely that their redistricting will cost us a Democratic star in two years, much like we lost Bonior ten years ago. That being said, perhaps it is a good opportunity for some membes of our old guard (Dingell, Conyers, S. Levin) to call it a career and make way for the next generation of leaders. Democratic control of the House may be a ways off, but we might as well take the opportunity to develop seniority in new members.